Social media is used to facilitate two-way communication between companies and their customers

Social media is used to facilitate two-way communication between companies and their customers. Outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Snapchat and YouTube allow brands to start a conversation with regular and prospective customers. Viral marketing can be greatly facilitated by social media and if successful, allows key marketing messages and content in reaching a large number of target audiences within a short time frame. These platforms can also house advertising and public relations content.

When it comes to social media, content is king! And there’s nobody better at it than the Gods themselves. They have created content which has lasted for centuries to this date and centuries here after.

Here a few of the absolutely golden pieces of strategies that you can take away from these holy scriptures from a content marketing standpoint.

1. Don’t be afraid to be controversial.
Whenever you’re constructing content be fearless. Put some controversy out there for your audience to chew on. It makes for great eye-catching headlines, which is so important in the feed-scrolling world we’re writing for, and it helps make your content ultra-shareable as well. Never be worried about pleasing everyone when writing content.

2. Make your content indescribably valuable, then give it away for FREE!
People have notoriously been fascinated by the word “FREE” and will always continue to be so. So focus on marketing your content in the best way possible and continuously deliver on your promise.

3. Consider crowd sourcing your content.
I know this may not be practical for everyone but having more than one author for your writing gives multiple perspectives to your content making it more relatable different people, while also leaving people with something interesting that they will pick up and learn each time they read your content.

4. Don’t waste good content repurpose like crazy.
It’s not every day that you come across a highly engaging bestseller or in digital media terms viral content. So once you know have something like that repurpose it like crazy. Changing the camera angle just enough to keep the viewer interested. Repurpose it, highlighting different points of the same material. And if you do it right, there are a thousand different groups of people you can touch that might have never read that first awesome article.

5. Get the word out there.
When it comes to marketing the bestselling epics always give those few marketing tactics we still use to this day and maybe even more.
– Social proof, a feeling of community or being a part of something.
– Strong branding, clear and consistent branding in terms of content with enough room for ambiguity.
– Scarcity, or as we term it today FOMO. Often these bestsellers use this technique maybe not in their content but at least in their marketing.
– Authority, these scriptures don’t go mild or weakling on you. They immediately claim authority and assume their readers to follow along as it goes.
– Reciprocity, giving more value than expected and delivering content which exceeds the value of the action you want your reader to take.
– Guilt, if that strategy does not work it means they have not read whatever you have written thoroughly and give a push to read it again or even point to another one of your materials or even your products/business.

These are just a few that comes to my mind, but surely there’s lots more. Comment if you have noticed any such factors in any such scriptures and help add more to this list!
In short, a perfect content is made like a good hedge fund strategy, where you employ strategies and counter strategies one after the other. No matter what they choose, it benefits your purpose. When used well, and ethically these strategies will make even an idiot craft the best piece of content he has ever produced!

Which is also another reason why people engage with long form content 3 times as more compared to short form content on digital and is considered insanely more effective when it comes to constructing marketing content. These holy strategies have proven to be effective at a time when pigeons delivered mails and now at an age where information is spread as easy as you breathe there’s more viability for these proven methods than ever before.

Thanks for reading and make sure you share your thoughts on the topic as well.

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