How Takk Takk made Iceland go viral?

A timeless internet classic, the mother of all social media campaigns. Launched in 2009 when Facebook was still something new. Iceland a small island full of mountains and glaciers, in the middle of the ocean. How do you market that?

Like all marketing companies, you can establish your presence everywhere. Put some flashy pics of the experiences in Iceland or approach a small digital marketing company to design one of the most brilliant advertising campaigns ever.


Although seemingly simple it has been crafted with great attention, care and planning because a timeless classic cannot be an accident. From the website Easter eggs to handling Iceland’s social media communications. Takk Takk a small digital marketing at the time prepared a recipe for Iceland’s tourism. Which made people “talk” to a country. Some extra brilliant branding, copywriting and design makes this a textbook material marketing company now and years after.

The marketing company has made a detailed case study of that work with the same name which we will be sharing with you next Thursday as well so till then visit Iceland and admire the sheer marketing genius. Leave a comment if you find the hidden Easter egg on their website and we’ll like your comment if you’re right. ?

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