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With the arrival of the new year. Let’s take a look at a few of the major trends in marketing.

Brand Accountability

Since the past few years we have been seeing many companies’ ad campaigns promoting a good cause. Even though all companies get involved socially through programs like CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and donate a percent of their earnings to a charity of choice.

Despite being a common occurrence it has been during the recent years that we have seen brands advertising more of their philanthropic activities. This is especially true in the case of big and well-known brands.


Big brands are now more focused on marketing their social activities which means there is more than just building goodwill there. For some reason, social activities of such kind tend to do much better than other marketing campaigns.


From the consumer perspective, they tend to be more open and trust brands which take a stand and show transparency. Such marketing campaigns promotes the good will of a brand and people place their trust more on purpose driven brands than others.

This is definitely a new trend in marketing and will probably stay for a few more years.


Multichannel influencer marketing

With the rise of numerous social media platforms, we have seen multiple online celebrities and influencers coming up. Despite their background, influencers have an established relation

ship with their audience and they view them as an authority figure on particular subject matter. Be it cars, makeup, farming or dancing.


This means when they recommend a product people tend to buy it more when compared to a normal TVC. Giving rise to new trend in digital marketing that is becoming more and more popular in 2021.


Key Opinion Leader (KOL) | Influencer marketing are two new booming categories within the digital marketing community and big brands already have dedicated teams to find out influencer on their respective across various regions across the globe.


Video content

Video content is turning out to be the heart of the internet with much higher audience engagement, thanks to the easy consumability of the medium.


According to a recent statistic, posts with at least a single video get 92% more traffic compared to the ones that don’t have a video.


India has seen internet connectivity speeds go way up to a level where we are one of the top countries in terms of the numbers related to the internet. Allowing for new trends within multiple from web designing to advertising.


Video content is turning out to be the trump card of the internet, which I believe will most likely compete with live streams and interactive experiences such as games, apps etc… Which is starting to snowball down the hill with playable ads, virtual reality, AR and more.

User-generated content is the new word-of-mouth

UGC (user-generated content) is proven to outperform brand-created content. Ads using UGC gets 400% higher CTR compared to average.

E-Commerce keeps growing


The recent pandemic has increased the need for ecommerce and many actors have had to make changes to digitalize their business. Studies from various entities expect the global ecommerce market to see a steady growth rate at 5% YOY.

Comment which marketing trend is going to be the knight in shining armor this 2021.

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